As Autumn Moves On

On recent walks along Griggs Reservoir we’ve seen colors slowly change. There is less green and more red, yellow, and orange contrasting with the now deeper blue of the sky. The sun, much lower than in summer, creates shadow designs on tree bark. We notice woodpeckers taking advantage of the last large concentrations of insects until spring. Ground squirrels are up in trees eating the plentiful seeds. On it’s way to or from the few remaining flowers, a Clouded Sulfur flutters by. Mallard ducks and Great Blue Herons sun themselves in the afternoon light. On a warm sunny October day, life celebrates.


Downy Woodpecker eating insects


Path along Griggs Reservoir


Color at water’s edge


Shadows and color


Relaxing in the Autumn sun


Tasty seeds


Waiting for a fish


Patterns and color near the water


A tranquil scene


Red leaves


Favorite stump


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