A Glimpse of Color on Alum Creek

We paddled the upper reaches of Alum Creek today. We were treated to glimpses of fall color as we followed the shoreline hoping to see a Bald Eagle. The Osprey nesting platform area at the north end of the reservoir was now hosting a large population of gulls, terns, and cormorants. The Ospreys were nowhere to be found.

The water was clear so we saw many good examples of freshwater sponge and an unusual fungi occupied a place on a fallen tree near the water. The creek was serene with leaves decorating the surface of the water and a few casts rewarded me with a small bass and a bluegill.

On the way back we stopped to clean up a shoreline area fisherman used and littered with cans and bottles then it was a fast paddle back to our launch site ahead of the fast approaching rain.

For a better view click on the images.

Heading Up The Reservoir

Heading Up The Reservoir

Alum Creek near our lunch stop.

Alum Creek near our lunch stop.

Colors along Alum Creek

Colors along Alum Creek

Freshwater Sponge

Freshwater Sponge, DMP

Cormorants, DMP

Double-crested Cormorants, DMP

Alum Creek Landscape, DMP

Alum Creek Landscape, DMP

Unusual fungi

Unusual fungi, DMP


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