Smallmouth Bass

Mostly I fish because I just like being outdoors. Some of the more interesting critters I’ve seen have been while floating around in my 14′ Hornbeck. It might be a Mink slinking along the shore, a deer coming down to the waters edge for a drink, a Beaver letting me know he doesn’t appreciate my presence, or a shy Wood Duck making good it’s escape. The early morning light filtering though the trees is beautiful creating mysterious shadows where fish might hide.

.  .  .  and then sometimes it’s just the fish and I get so excited that I can hardly contain myself as it poses for a portrait before being released!


Scioto River Smallmouth


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Early Autumn Landscapes

Recent paddles and walks along Griggs Reservoir have revealed some beautiful scenes. Clear blue skies and just a hint of fall color. The sun now lower in the southern sky and the stillness in the air give a sense of time fast passing.


Sneeze Weed


North End of Griggs

IMG_1189c (2)

Female Wood Duck


Griggs Landscape


Low Water



Scioto River Below Griggs Dam


Below the Dam


I need to start by being honest. While fall is my second most favorite time of the year, behind spring, it is also a time of reduced expectations. Bird and insect activity seem to be in decline, the colors of spring and summer wildflowers give way to Goldenrod, Asters, autumn leaves, and then slowly   .   .   .  , better start thinking about next year adventures while catching up on reading and working on some favorite photographs.

But wait, this morning while walking along Griggs Reservoir the air was autumn day pure and cool, a Bald Eagle swooped down to the water’s surface before rising and circling against a Royal Blue sky, Gold Finches, looking for a meal, lighted on Cone Flowers, now devoid of their petals, as they made their way south, warblers flitted In the tree tops, a Black and White here a Magnolia there, and what about that vireo in the bush at the water’s edge.


Goldenrod and a Cloud Studded Blue Sky




Monarch and Goldenrod


Fly-fishing below Griggs Dam


Stump with Asters


Sharing a Rock


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