The Beauty of Nature Next Door

I’ve always amazed myself by how I react to a beautiful scene if I’ve driven 1000 miles versus just a couple of miles near home. Why we humans have a harder time getting excited about things close at hand versus far away is probably due to a number a factors not the least of which is the emotional investment of a long journey. Nonetheless a few years back I decided to make a concerted effort to appreciate natural beauty close to home. What better place to begin this adventure than Griggs Reservoir less than two miles from our house and within the city limits of Columbus.  Below is a celebration of that beauty.

Click on the images to enlarge.


Great Egret, Griggs


North of Hayden Run, Griggs


False channel, north end of Griggs


Ironweed, Griggs


Joe-Pye Weed, Griggs


Indigo Bunting, Griggs


Fragile Forktail Damselfly, Griggs


Great Egret hunting, Griggs

island - Griggs

Wood Duck Island, Griggs

morning mist - Griggs

Morning Mist, Griggs

wildlife habitat - Griggs

Wildlife Habitat, Griggs

Damsel Fly Pairs 080513 Griggs

Damselfly Pairs, Griggs DMP


Painted Turtle, Griggs


Fallen Tree, Griggs


Swamp Rose-Mallow, Griggs


Button Bush, Griggs


Kingfisher, Griggs


Canoe, Griggs

IMG_0444sbc (2)

Windfall, Griggs


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