Griggs Reservoir Beavers

One of the nice things about living in Columbus is that in a few minutes from our house we can be on Griggs Reservoir fishing should we so choose. For years we would ride our bicycles across the Fishinger Road bridge on our way out of town to the west and scarcely give Griggs a thought. But I would always see people fishing, mostly in Bass Boats, so a number of years ago I thought I’d give it a try.

This morning was one of those times that I decided to spend a couple hours fishing before chores around the house beckoned.  Loading up my 14′ Hornbeck with fishing poles, tackle, binoculars and camera off I went. While I seldom catch anything real big, I’m always entertained by a good number of Bluegill, Crappie, Bass and an occasional Catfish or Carp, all on ultra light tackle. This morning was no exception. I’d been fishing about 45 minutes when I noticed what originally looked like Muskrat swimming not far from the boat. Closer examination with the binoculars reveled that it was not to be a Muskrat at all but a Beaver, and a large one at that. As I approached closer in an effort to get a pic I was greeted by a loud tail slap and a big splash. We have seen signs of Beaver on Griggs over the years but  this was this first time I’ve  actually seen one on the reservoir and only about a half mile north of the Fishinger Road bridge. Pretty exciting!

After a couple hours of fishing my adventure was complete, to many Bluegill and Crappie to count, a few small Bass, Baltimore Orioles, Kingfishers, Great Blue Herons, Wood Ducks, and a Double Crested Cormorant. Not to mention the Beaver.

All on Griggs Reservoir!

PS: Remember to double click on images if you want a better look.


Double-crested Comorant


Griggs Reservoir Beaver


Take 2.


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