Bald Eagles Over The Scioto

Pretty exciting stuff, on our way home from a recent hike at Prairie Oaks we saw a Bald Eagle flying over the Scioto River near the Scioto Country Club. That happened after we were already excited about seeing a Golden-crowned Kinglet and Pileated Woodpecker during our hike. We were also treated to sightings of White-throated and White-crowned sparrows while at Prairie Oaks. The next day, just as we walked into the park along Griggs Reservior we saw another Bald Eagle flying north along the reservior, perhaps the same bird. Fresh snow at Prairie Oaks, and at Griggs Park the next day, made for very enjoyable hiking but the Bald Eagles made it magic.















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2 Comments on “Bald Eagles Over The Scioto

  1. I found your site during a Google search. AWESOME photos! It’s not that you had 1 or 2 amazing photos – they were all sweet. Kudos to you!

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