Snow, Ice and Cornbread

What a treat, over a week of sub freezing temperatures had preserved the snow cover in central Ohio offering plenty of time to explore Prairie Oaks and Battalle Darby Metro Parks as patterns and shapes in snow and ice transformed the landscape.

 The birds always amaze us with their ability to survive in such hostile conditions. Mallards and Canada Geese seem to bask in a river that looks too icy to flow.  A male Golden-crowned Kinglet flits from branch to branch feeding on insects that you wouldn’t think would be there making it hard the follow with binoculars much less a camera. Some Tufted Titmouse entertained us with a snowy wrestling match. White-throated Sparrows and Nuthatches, busy eating seeds and berries, pause only for a second to have their picture taken.

Then the good feeling of returning home to warm soup and cornbread after several hours in the clear crisp air having walked more miles than you intended as the beauty drew you in.



Canada Geese find some open water on the Big Darby.


White-breasted Nuthatch



White-crowned Sparrow


Tufted-titmouse in a confrontation.


. . . the confrontation continues.


Not sure who’s winning.


Downy Woodpecker


Tufted Titmouse


The Big Darby, Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park.


The Big Darby, Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park.


Prairie Oaks Metro Park.


Prairie Oaks Metro Park.


The Big Darby, Prairie Oaks Metro Park.


Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park.


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