What Was That Fish?

Griggs Reservoir tends to be where I go fishing most of the time. This is due both due to it’s proximity to our house and the fact that I’m fairly successful there. Usually the catch consists of large bluegills and not so large bass all of which find their way back into the lake. For me fishing offers a great excuse to spent an extended period of time out of doors looking at birds, water snakes, turtles, the numerous wild flowers that are always present on the reservoir, and just enjoying nature.

However every once and awhile I become riveted to the task at hand. Several years ago I hooked a 30 lb Mirror Carp that took two and a half hours to land using 6 lb test line. I had an audience watching as the fish slowly towed my boat under the Fishinger Road Bridge and then around the lake. More recently, again using light tackle, I hooked on to something that bent the pole over double. Try as I might, nothing could be done with the creature. The battle lasted about 30 seconds, after which I reeled in half of a fishing lure. Was it a big cat fish, another Mirror Carp, or a turtle?

So I continue to fish Griggs Reservoir, never quite sure what is going to happen, but all while enjoying the company of the Herons, Kingfishers, Painted Turtles, . . .

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