I’ll Have a Beer With That Crayfish

This summer has been exciting due to the many new creatures we have discovered in and around Griggs Reservoir. Probably the most noteworthy have been the numerous Mink sightings. Who would have thought that Mink would live within the city limits of Columbus.

Apparently Mink are quite ferocious and will even kill muskrats which are about their size. Normally, they do quite nicely on a diet of crayfish and other small marine creatures.

Interestingly enough, one of our best sightings was of a Mink eating a crayfish. The Mink didn’t seem a bit alarmed as we sat watching from the canoe. This went on for about five minutes after which the Mink ambled off. The only negative was the empty beer can sitting right next to the Mink as we watched. Afterward, given the wonderful experience, we picked up the can for proper disposal.

Griggs Reservoir Mink

Not sure what we’ll discover next that will top seeing a Mink but we should have fun looking.


3 Comments on “I’ll Have a Beer With That Crayfish

  1. Hey Bob, Nice pic! Columbus has nature and it’s nice someone is highlighting it. Hope this encourages folks to get outside and enjoy nature.

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