Wooden Rowboats and Damselflies

Most passions in life start when you’re young. Days spent fishing with my Dad, on Upper Straits Lake outside of Detroit, provided fertile ground for my love of nature to sprout. In those days our fishing adventures were made possible by a leaky wooden livery rowboat powered by our trusty 1 ½ HP Sea King outboard. When I wasn’t fishing I was fascinated by very small blue insects that would land on the gunnels of the rowboat. They were so delicate, sometimes flying joined together and sometimes alone. When they landed, the closer you looked, the more beautiful they became.

Fast forward to today, close focus binoculars, a digital camera and paddling trips on Griggs Reservoir each week. The blue insects (damselflies) now land on the gunnels of our Oldtown canoe and on our gear and they are just as beautiful. However, my knowledge of them isn’t much greater than it was those many years ago on Upper Straits Lake.

So, with the aid of cameras, binoculars and field guides, my quest now has become to learn more about these beautiful insects. Unlike their dragonfly cousins some are small and others really small. They usually can be found around water, and are most noticeable on sunny days. Their diet consists of even smaller insects so I’m hoping that my interest will stay restricted to to the damselflies and not what they eat. Their eyes and body colors continue to fascinate. Below is a picture of a female Eastern Forktail, only about 1 inch long and never flying much above the low lying foliage.

Female Eastern Forktail



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